Monday, August 15, 2011

For Bachan.

I designed this ring with my Japanese grandmother - or bachan, in mind.  She passed away a year ago in August of 2010, quite suddenly of a stroke.  It was a shock for those of us left behind but in retrospect, she left this world in the same way she lived her life, on her own terms.

Her life is a story of family tragedies, hardships and survival.  But it's also the story of an extraordinary woman who stood no taller than 4', whose pride and determination helped her to raise four daughters as a single, working mother during post war time Japan in the 1950's.
I'd like to tell you about her life someday - you'll be horrified as I was to hear some parts, cry tears of frustration and sadness at others.  But most of all, you will feel your heart swell with joy and triumph, as mine did.  I come from a family of strong, proud, hard-headed women with bachan leading the way.

The blood that binds us runs deep and fierce and it's with this close to my heart that this ring came to be.

Our family crest is represented by three cherry blossom or sakura petals, with three daggers in between.  For this ring, I've hidden the daggers on the inside of the dome as a rose hides its thorns amongst its bright green foliage and delicate crimson flowers.  Inside the hollow of the dome sits eight, oxidized pods.  Each of the pods represents the women of our family, my three aunts, my mother, my cousin and her two beautiful girls.  And me.  All of us girls fiercely loved and protected.  Because even though she's no longer here, it doesn't mean that she's not everywhere.  Her blood runs through all of our veins, her smile in the sun that touches everything around us, watching out for any storm clouds ahead.  Next January there will be another one for her to watch over...another pod may have to be added to the ring, only time will tell.

Not available in my shop or anywhere else..because I made this one just for me.

xo Blue Gnome

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